Using fulfillment and dropshipping services

Fulfillment Center is an independent service provider that processes orders and delivers products that customers have ordered from you. Fulfillment Center deals with the complete organization and realization of package delivery to your customer's address, without the need to package, address and send each order yourself - Fulfillment Center actually does everything for you!

The Fulfillment Center allows you to store goods even if you do not have your own warehouse space and to send packages to end customers faster and at better prices than to do it yourself.

The integration will enable all orders from your website to come directly to the center, which then processes the order: physically packs it, communicates with the courier service to which the package is delivered and sends it to the end customer. From the user's perspective, the only one with whom there is communication is you, while the Fulfillment Center realizes everything that involves the process of sending packages.

Super Fast Integration In a Few Minutes

Working with the Fulfillment Center means you don't have to hire, pay and organize people to receive, process orders, pack and send orders. The Fulfillment Center also allows you to offer a larger selection of products than you could if you had to organize your own supplies.

The Fulfillment Center will allow you to focus on other things related to your store - on strategies related to sales and gaining more customers. The center can process many more orders than each retailer can do, so you won't have to limit yourself.

To use Fulfillment services, you must first store products in the center itself and integrate with the center system. Integration is a process that takes only a few minutes, without long waits and without complicated steps.

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